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Key Witness Confirms Hearing Trump Call About Ukraine Probes; Aide Testifies Diplomat Told Pres. Trump The Ukrainian President "Loves Your Ass"; Yovanovitch: Pres. Trump's Attacks On Me "Very Intimidating"; Key Witness Confirms Hearing Phone Call; Says Pres. Trump Asked About Ukraine Investigations; Testimony: EU Ambassador Said Pres. Trump Cared About "Big Stuff" Like The "Biden Investigation"; Testimony: Official Believes Hold On Military Aid Was Used To "Increase The Pressure" On The Ukrainians; Key Witness: Pres. Trump Told Ukraine "Will Do Anything You Ask"; Key Witness Was Told Pres. Trump Only Care About Investigations; Outed Amb. Yovanovitch: "How Can Our System Fail Like This?"; Pres. Trump Denies Witness Tampering With Tweet Attack On Ousted Ambassador, Says He Has Right To Free Speech; House Intel Member On Today's Hearings; Roger Stone Found Guilty Of Lies That Protected Pres. Trump via Knit

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