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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off in CNN's Democratic presidential debate in Brooklyn Thursday night as they spar ahead of a critical contest in New York -- a state where both candidates have deep roots. The April 19 primary here will come as Clinton -- whose campaign has been dogged by Sanders' unexpected endurance -- is on an urgent mission to widen her delegate lead and lock up her party's nomination. Next week's contest will serve as one of Sanders' last opportunities to change the dynamics of the Democratic race. And in turn, it will offer Clinton a crucial opening to once and for all shake the pervasive narrative that her rival -- even as he lags behind in the delegate count -- continues to enjoy real momentum; tens of thousands of Sanders supporters rallied in Washington Square Park in Manhattan Wednesday night. The Democratic National Committee, along with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders' campaigns, are suing the state of Arizona following complaints of voter suppression during the Arizona primary last month. Voters endured long waits to use one of Maricopa County's 60 polling stations last month. There were at least 200 polling stations in 2012, but Republican officials said they decreased the number to save money. Even after waiting in line for hours, some people were not allowed to vote. At least 20 Democratic voters contacted the Arizona Democratic Party to say that when they arrived at the polls, they were told that they were registered as Independents and therefore unable to vote in the closed primary.

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