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CNN: WH May Try To Stop Fmr. WH Counsel Don McGahn From Testifying In House; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 22; CNN: WH May Try To Stop Fmr. WH From Testifying, Adds To Other WH Roadblocks; Krugman: "This Is much Worse Than Watergate;" Krugman: "Very Much Up In The Air Whether America As We Know It Will Survive;" Krugman: "If You Are Not Terrified, You're Not Paying Attention;" Former V.P. Biden To Declare Candidacy; Wash. Post: Pres. Trump Opposed To Aides Testifying In Congress; Wash. Post: Pres. Trump Says "There Is No Reason To Go Any Further" With Testimony; Wash. Post: Pres. Trump Says Democrats Trying To Score Political Points With Testimony Requests; Real Story Of Trump Campaign Coal Miner Campaign Poster; Campaign Poster In 2016 Was Created By Russian Trolls; Son Of Man Pictured Stunned By Its Inclusion; via Knit

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