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Exclusive: Trump Begins Informal Prep For Potential Mueller Interview; Roger Stone: It;s A "Perjury Trap" Is Pres. Trump Talks To Mueller; Roger Stone: Pres. Trump Has Strong Support In His Base; Roger Stone: Pres. Trump Should Fire Deputy AG Rosenstein; Roger Stone: The President Should Dismiss AG Sessions; Roger Stone: I Have Never Met OR Spoken To Julian Assange; Roger Stone: "Throw Away" Line When Joking I Had Dinner With Assange; Roger Stone: "Collusion Chronologically Impossible"; Roger Stone: Let Trump Be Trump; via Knit

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U.S. Officials: Information suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians; GOP Health Care bill may lack votes for House passage; Police: At least 4 dead, 40 hurt in London terror attack
March 22, 2017