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The Atlantic: Pres. Trump Told NRA Leader Universal Background Checks Are "Off The Table"; Pres. Trump Considering Payroll Tax Cut After WH Denied Monday; Pres. Trump Downplays Recession Signs; Contradicts Aides By Admitting He's Weighing Payroll Tax Cut To Boost Economy; Pres. Trump: "Any jewish People That Vote For A Democrat, I Think It Shows Either A Total Lack Of Knowledge Or Great Disloyalty"; Jill Biden To Democrats: Your Candidate May Be "Better" On Some Policies But Joe Biden Will Beat Pres. Trump; Jill Biden: Electability Most Important; Julián Castro On Jill Biden's Claim That Even If You Like Another Candidate Better You Should Vote For Her Husband Anyway; Julián Castro On President Trump Calling Democratic Rep. Tlaib "Violent And Vicious"; Spike Lee On Slavery's Legacy In America; New Moves By Trump Admin. On Immigration; Trump Admin. Expected To Announce New Rule Allowing Longer Detention Of Migrant Families; Pres. Trump Postpones Denmark Trip After Prime Minister Refuses To Sell Greenland via Knit

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CNN Sources: Pres. Trump's Lawyers Anticipate Mueller Interview Request And Want To Limit Its Scope; CNN Sources: Oprah Actively Thinking: About Presidential Run
January 8, 2018