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Acting Spy Chief To Testify Next Week About Whistleblower Complaint; Intel Inspector General To Brief Lawmakers Tomorrow On "Credible And Urgent" Whistleblower Complaint; Conflicting Signals: Pompeo Calls Attacks On Saudi Oil Field An "Act Of War" While Pres. Trump Sounds More Cautious; Are Democrats Hurting Themselves?; Pres. Trump Raises $15 Million In CA Fundraisers Despite War With Top State Officials Over Emissions And Homelessness; CA Gov. Newsom: "We're The Progressive Answer To A Transgressive President, And It's Driving Him Mad"; Are Democrats Their Own Worst Enemy?; Dean: "So What" That Pres. Trump Tweeted About Beto O'Rourke's Comment On Guns: Kasich: I Believe It Will Be A "Mammoth Turnout" In 2020; Kasich: The Question Is Will Democrats Be Able To Talk More About "Bread And Butter Issues"; Kasich: Debates Drive Candidates To The Extremes For Attention; Dean: Democrats Lose If We're Talking About Weaknesses Of Pres. Trump 3 Months To Go; Dean: Trump Has Already Destroyed His Presidency And I Think He'll Destroy Himself; Kasich: "I Don't Think Pres. Trump "Will Self-Destruct"; Canada's PM Under Fire For "Brownface" Photo; Canadian PM Trudeau Apologies For Wearing "Brownface" At 2001 Party; Life Out There?; U.S. Navy Confirms These UFO Videos Are The Real Deal, But Call Them "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" via Knit

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Judge rejects Roy Moore's election challenge; Democrat Doug Jones certified as winner; Washington Post: West Wing planning revamp amid political concerns; Democrat lawmaker says she can work with the President on issues like rebuilding infrastructure
December 28, 2017