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El Paso Mayor: President To Visit Wednesday; Biden On Mass Shootings: We Should Be About Honesty, Decency And Hope; We Should Be Giving Hate No Safe Harbor; Children Of El Paso Victim David Johnson Remember Father Who Shielded Wife, Granddaughter From Gunfire; Soccer Mom, 2 Coaches Wounded As Gunman Opened Fire Outside El Paso Walmart; Biden On Mass Shootings; Biden: "White Supremacists Are Winning The Battle"; Biden: "This Is Domestic Terrorism"; Biden: The President's Rhetoric "Legitimates People Coming Out From Under Rocks"; Biden To Pres. Trump "From This Point On Show Me Something; Biden On Pres. Trump: "Clearly His Actions Have Done Nothing to Do Anything Other Than Encourage This Kind Of Behavior"; Biden On Pres. Trump: "This Is A President Who Has Said Things No Other President Has Said Since Andrew Jackson"; Biden On Pres. Trump: "This Is About Separating People And The Good And The Bad In His Mind"; Biden On Pres. Trump: Dividing People Is A Trait "Used By Charlatans All Over The World"; Biden: Immigrants Didn't Commit The Shootings In El Paso And Dayton American Citizens Did; Biden: "Let's Eliminate The Ability To Have An Assault Weapon"; Biden: "Background Checks Should Be Universal. Period."; Biden: "Who The Hell Needs 200 Rounds In A Gun?"; Biden: "Hatred Is Not A Mental Illness"; Biden: "White Nationalism Is Wrong, It Is Not A Mental Illness, It is Hateful Behavior"; Biden: There Have Been More Acts By Domestic Terrorists In Past Years Than by Foreign Terrorists; Biden: Assault Weapons Should Be Illegal; Biden: I Would Institute A National Buy Back Program For Assault Weapons; Biden: "We Have Two Problems: The NRA And The Gun Manufacturers"; Biden: Video Games Are Not The Reason Why We Have This Carnage; Biden On Coping With Tragedy And Loss; Biden: "You Can't Define What An American Is Based On Ethnicity"; Biden: "What A President Says Matters"; Biden: "You Shouldn't Be Able To Buy Certain Weapons"; Biden On Grief: The Person You Lost Is Still With You; Biden On Grief: Find A Purpose; Biden On Grief: There Is Hope; Biden: "Hate Can Have No Safe Harbor"; Biden: "We Chose Hope Over Fear ... Unity Over Division And Maybe Most Importantly Truth Over Lies"; Chris Cuomo Interview With Beto O'Rourke via Knit

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