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Aides Admit Pres. Trump's El Paso, Dayton Visits Didn't Go Well As Video Shows He Bragged About Size At Hospital; Pres. Trump Lashed Out At Staff Over Visits To Dayton And El Paso, Complained He Wasn't Getting Enough Credit; El Paso Hospital Official: Pres. Trump's Visit Showed An "Absence Of Empathy"; McConnell: Senate Will Put Background Checks "Front And Center" After Recess"; 3 More Trump Admin Officials Resign; U.S. Foreign Service Officer In Blistering Washington Post Op-Ed: I Can No Longer Justify Working On "Trump's Toxic Agenda"; Two State Department Officials Resign Amid Disagreements With WH; Deputy DNI To Leave Amid Signs President Wants Loyalist; State Department Official In Charge Of Mexico Talks And Immigration Leaves Administration After Being At Odds With President's Policies; Anger Over Kids' Fate After Immigration Raids; Children Crying After Parents Arrested In Immigration Raids via Knit

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