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House Moves To Advance Trump Impeachment Investigation; Divided House Mostly Along Party Lines To Advance Impeachment Investigation; Two Democrats Voted Against Impeachment Resolution; No Republicans Supported It; Top House Republican Say Tim Morrison Testimony Undercuts Dems; Top Democrat: That's "Ridiculous"; White House Claims Morrison Testimony Good For Them; Top Trump Adviser Backs Up Quid Pro Quo Claim As House Votes To Move Forward With Impeachment; Bannon Goes To Impeachment Defcon 1; Federal Courts Weigh Fate Of Defiant Impeachment Witnesses As Democrats Vow They Won't Be Slowed; Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon Digs In For Impeachment Battles Ahead; Bannon: "Pres. Trump Doesn't Believe He Did Anything Wrong"; Bannon: He Doesn't Feel He Needs A War Room And That's Fine; Bannon: July 25 Phone Call Is "A Policy Difference" Bannon: What White House Is Investigating Is Corruption Overall; Bannon: You've Seen A Select, Curated Group Of Witnesses"; Bannon: "There No Evidence At All There's A Quid Pro Quo Here" via Knit

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