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Sources: Pres. Trump Didn't Know About Domestic Assault; White House Aide Resigns Amid Domestic Assault Allegations; Two-Ex-Wives Say White House Aide Rob Porter Assaulted Them; Sources: Pres. Trump Didn't Know About Domestic Assault Allegations Against WH Aide, He Was Not Happy When He Found Out; Here We Go Again; GOP Senator's Accusation About Pres. Obama's Involvement In Clinton Email Investigation Called Into Question; Schiff: Force Lewandowski, Bannon To testify in Russia Probe; Senior WH Official: White House Drafted Glowing Statements About Porter Before The Latest Report That Included Black Eye Photograph; Did U.S. Olympic Skater Refuse To Meet With VP Pence?; via Knit

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President Trump: I'm cleared, Clinton colluded!; Sources: President Trump wants State Department to release remaining Clinton emails; CNN Exclusive: First charges filed in Mueller investigation
October 27, 2017