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Source: Pres. Trump Calling McConnell As Often As 3 Times A Day, Seeking To Lock Down GOP Loyalty; Source: Pres. Trump Lashing Out At GOP Senators He Sees As Disloyal; Source: Pres. Trump Told McConnell He Will Amplify Attacks On Republicans Who Criticize Him; Pres. Trump Raises Possibility Of Cooperating With Impeachment Probe If Republicans Get "A Fair Shake"; Source: Pres. Trump Lashing Out At GOP Senators He Sees As Disloyal, Telling McConnell he Will Attack Republican Critics; House Democrats Respond To White House Stonewalling With New Subpoena Threats; Whistleblower's Attorneys: Our Client Has Never Worked For Or Advised A Political Candidate, Campaign, Or Party; Pres. Trump, Without Evidence, Says Whistleblower In "Cahoots" With Schiff and Is A "Strong Democrat"; Pres. Trump Says Turkey's Attack In Syria A "Bad Idea" Despite Paving The Way For Offensive By Withdrawing U.S. Troops; New Poll: 51% Favor Pres. Trump's Impeachment, Removal From Office; Republican Anger At Pres. Trump Grows As Turkey Launches Attack On U.S. Allies; VP Pence Talks Ukraine, Pres. Trump And The Bidens; We Ask VP Pence About Foreign Interference In U.S. Elections; VP Pence Defends Ukraine Phone Call; VP Pence On Ukraine Call: "There Was No Pressure. There Was No Quid Pro Quo" via Knit

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