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Philadelphia Police: At Least 6 Officers Wounded In "Active And Ongoing" Standoff With Suspect; Philadelphia Police In Active Standoff, 6 Officers Shot And Wounded; Pres. Trump Punts After Dow's Big Drop; Exclusive One-On-One With Stephen Colbert; Pres. Trump Launches New Blistering Attack On Fed Chief As Dow Tanks 800 Points Over Recession Fears; Pres. Trump Blames Fed, Not Trade War, After Recession Warning; 6 Philadelphia Cops Shot; Shooter Remains In Standoff; Bipartisan Outrage Over Congressman's Rape & Incest Comments; Rep. Steve King Questions Whether There Would Be Any Population Left Without Rape And Incest; One-On-One With Stephen Colbert; Colbert On Controversial Comments By Acting Trump Admin. Immigration Chief On Statue Of Liberty Poem; Colbert On Why He Thinks Pres. Trump Is A "Heretic To Reality"; Colbert: Pres. Trump "Wants To Live In A Fantasy World"; Colbert On Why He Wouldn't Want To Interview Pres. Trump: He's So Disrespectful To The Office"; Philadelphia Police: At Least 6 Officers Wounded via Knit

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