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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday accused Donald Trump supporters of "acting like union boss thugs" in pursuit of the Republican Party nomination, saying during CNN's town hall that they are intimidating potential Republican National Convention delegates. "Donald and his team, it's almost like they're subjects in a course in clinical psychology. The conduct they do, literally, they accuse others of doing," Cruz told moderator Anderson Cooper during the event, which took place in New York ahead of Tuesday's primary. Cruz also predicted Trump would have trouble getting the support of Republicans at a contested convention. "In Cleveland, I believe if it's a contested convention ... we're going to be in the much stronger position to earn the majority of delegates and earn the nomination of the party," Cruz said. "In Wisconsin, the day before the election, Trump predicted a big victory," Cruz said. "What we saw was the party unify and come together, that's what its going to take to win the nomination." Responding to accusations by Trump that the rules of the Republican nomination process are "stacked against" him and the national party is rooting for him to lose in a CNN town hall Wednesday night. "Anyone who knows anything about Washington knows the establishment is not rooting for me," Cruz said. "The rules are simple, the way you get elected is you win a majority of the delegates in the elections. I think the way you win is you make the case to the voters and you win their votes." via Knit

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