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First, CNN Political Analyst, Carl Bernstein and Toronto Star Washington Bureau Chief, Daniel Dale join Chris. The three discuss the ramped up lies that Trump is telling ahead of the midterm elections. Chris continues discussing that topic in depth at the Magic Wall, where he points out the biggest talking points Trump is turning to. Next, Chris brings on CNN Commentators, Ken Cuccinelli and Rick Santorum for "The Great Debate." Cuccinelli and Santorum discuss the caravan of migrants still heading towards the border and Trump's latest resistance. Chris wraps up the show with Former Defense Secretary, Ash Carter. They discuss the latest footage released showing a "body double" dressed as Jamal Khashoggi leaving the Saudi consulate the day he was murdered, also how a negative relationship with the Saudis could impact the United States. In a closing argument, Chris highlights Trump and Ted Cruz's current relationship in comparison to how they got along during the campaign. via Knit

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