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First, Chris goes one-on-one with Filmmaker, Michael Moore. They discuss the 10 pm deadline set by the GOP for Christine Blasey Ford to decide if she wants to testify against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Moore also discusses his new movie "Fahrenheit 11/9" that premiered on Friday and the important discussion that the film prompts. Chris then heads to the magic wall to break down what exactly happens when the 25th Amendment is invoked and what the potential impact would be. Chris is then joined by CNN Senior Political Commentator, Jennifer Granholm and Leader of the Congress of Racial Equality, Niger Innis for "The Great Debate." Granholm and Innis take opposing sides arguing whether the deadline for Ford to decide whether she will testify against Kavanaugh should be pushed back an additional day. Chris wraps up the show with Former Trump Campaign Adviser, Michael Caputo who gives his perspective on the GOP deadline and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's statement defending himself from claims that he attempted to invoke the 25th amendment on President Trump. In a closing argument, Chris highlights the sensitivities of the Ford and Kavanaugh case and why people should be taking steps to eliminate the toxicity from the situation. via Knit

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