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Chris begins the show with Former Acting Solicitor General, Walter Dellinger and Former Deputy Assistant A.G., John Malcolm and a session of "Cuomo's Court." The main topics on the docket -- Michael Cohen agreeing to testify publicly before Congress and the latest information coming out of the Mueller investigation. Then, Chris heads to the Magic Wall to discuss the possibilities of President Trump declaring a National Emergency to secure border wall funding. Next, Chris brings on CNN Political Commentators, Jennifer Granholm and Rick Santorum for "The Great Debate." Granholm and Santorum go head to head discussing the border wall and how President Trump will secure funding. Chris wraps up the show with former FBI and CIA Agent, Phil Mudd and Chief Investigative Correspondent, Michael Isikoff who discuss the involvements of Trump's inner circle and what that means in the Mueller investigation. In a closing argument, Chris explores the real cost of the government shutdown. via Knit

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