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First, Chris goes one-on-one with Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) who defends Trump's summit with Putin and believes that Trump has America's best interests in mind. Then, Chris takes the time to break down President Trump's claims that he misspoke at the Putin summit and that his words were taken out of context. That conversation continues when Chris is joined by CNN Political commentators Angela Rye and Charlie Dent for 'The Great Debate.' Rye and Dent agree that President Trump's comments are not beneficial to national security and that the bipartisan outrage is inspiring politicians to try and curb power. Then, Senator Angus King (I-ME) joins Chris to talk about whether or not Trump's defense that he was "one word away" from what he meant holds up. Chris wraps up the show by speaking with Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo about whether or not the Putin Summit hurt Trump's relationship with his base. via Knit

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