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First, Chris goes one-on with Senator Chris Coons (D-DE). They discuss the dramatic turn of events at today's Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, the upcoming FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh allegations, as well as what was said in private with Senator Jeff Flake. Then, Chris speaks with Liz Swisher, one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's former Yale classmates, who disputes the testimony he gave before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week. Next, Chris is joined by Democratic Strategist, Jess McIntosh, as well as Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, Niger Innis for "The Great Debate." Innis and McIntosh discuss the scope of the FBI investigation and what they believe should be investigated. Next, Chris heads to the Magic Wall to break down just what this upcoming FBI Investigation will be and what it will not be. Chris wraps up the show with a closing argument on what he hopes is change on the horizon in Washington. via Knit

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