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First, Chris goes one-on-one with documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore. They discuss the breaking news of Professor Christine Blasey Ford calling on the FBI to investigate her claims before she will agree to testify before the Senate. Then, Chris heads to the White Board to break down what all of the possible outcomes of an FBI investigation are and the impact that they may have. That topic serves as fuel for a "Great Debate" between CNN Commentator, Symone Sanders and Former Trump Campaign operative, David Urban. Sanders and Urban go head to head discussing the possible outcomes further. Chris then brings on a close friend of Christine Blasey Ford, Samantha Guerry, who speaks to Ford's credibility and her reasoning for coming forward. Chris wraps up the show with CNN Correspondent, Sara Sidner who provides the explosive details from Stormy Daniels' tell-all book, 'Full Disclosure,' that was released today. via Knit

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