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At the start of the show, Chris spoke with CNN correspondent Brian Todd, who was on the ground in Annapolis, MD following the shooting that left five dead at the Capital Gazette Newspaper. Chris then spoke with Maryland Representative Dutch Ruppersberger and Chris Trumbauer about the impact on the community following the tragedy. Chris then sat down with the Ex-deputy Director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center, Philip Mudd and Law Enforcement Analyst, James Gagliano for more information on how law enforcement officials handle situations involving active shooters, as well as possible next steps. Chris then goes one on one with Judiciary Committee Member Representative, Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) to discuss the house hearing on the Russia investigation. Chris then went one on one with Senator Gillibrand to discuss President Trump's Supreme Court picks as well as the upset in New York Primary. Chris ends the show with 'The Tale of Two Wolves' and relates it to the gun violence pandemic. via Knit

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