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GOP tax plan could usher in a bleak future for America Vladimir Putin usually bases the U.S. in his yearly press conference, his time he praised the President Isis may have been defeated militarily in Iraq, but not yet politically or ideologically; Trends suggest we'll see more refugees in 2018 & more people displaced long-term; Did Putin "win" the Syria struggle? and his play for prominence around the world Female participation in the American workforce has flagged, why are fewer women in the U.S. working?; U.S. needs more women in math and science fields Roy Moore, populism & Donald Trump are we seeing a peak in populism Are we seeing a boom or bubble under Trump, strongest stock market on record amid weakest economic recovery on record Fareed's recommendations for Christmas gifts via Knit

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GPS February 17th

Fareed Zakaria


Fareed Zakaria is host of GPS, a Washington Post columnist and author of "The Post-American World." He also regularly contributes his analysis of world events to and other programming across CNN Worldwide.

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