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Reality checks on the two biggest foreign policy debates on the 2016 Presidential campaign trail. First up, who's to blame for 9/11? Fareed asks Philip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, and Paul Wolfowitz, Bush's Deputy Defense Secretary. Then, how about Iraq - can you draw a straight line from the 2003 invasion to ISIS? Fareed talks with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. And, Ben Bernanke on bringing the global economy back from the brink when he was the Chair of the Federal Reserve. Finally, Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, one of the largest and most important countries in the world, talks about her personal story and the many crises her country currently faces. Guests: Philip Zelikow, Paul Wolfowitz, Tony Blair, Ben Bernanke, Dilma Rousseff via Knit

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GPS February 17th

Fareed Zakaria


Fareed Zakaria is host of GPS, a Washington Post columnist and author of "The Post-American World." He also regularly contributes his analysis of world events to and other programming across CNN Worldwide.

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