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A CNN Special dedicated to the dreamers and scientists that have moved humanity forward through extraordinary acts like sending astronauts to the moon. On this special we focus on 5 moonshots that are likely to impact human history the most: 1 - Sending Astronauts to Mars 2 - 3-D Printing a Human Heart 3 - Creating a Star on Earth - ITER Project 4 - Flying from New York to London in an Hour 5 - Mapping the Human Brain Moonshots are exciting, expensive - are they worth it? The answer is, "Yes." China is on course to pass the United States in spending on research and development and basic research in the coming years. via Knit

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GPS February 17th

Fareed Zakaria


Fareed Zakaria is host of GPS, a Washington Post columnist and author of "The Post-American World." He also regularly contributes his analysis of world events to and other programming across CNN Worldwide.

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