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Fareed's Take: America's Racial Divide. Lessons on race from an unlikely source: Singapore. Ethnic quotas are mandated in neighborhoods. This is what is meant when people call the Singapore government a "nanny state". America remains segregated - public schools have become less diverse in the last two decades. Roundtable discussion: Obama's Report Card Rose: Obama "has done a pretty decent job on foreign policy" Abrams: On Iran nuclear deal, What are we getting on human rights fro the deal? Beinart: Polls show Obama is more popular around the world than George W. Bush. Obama is in a position like Nixon was after Vietnam. O'Sullivan: "Strategic restraint" in the MidEast is a euphemism for inaction Segment: What in the world? How to MAKE people make babies. How do you get people to have more babies? This is a burning question for many governments around the globe. "Do it for Denmark" addresses the stagnate and eventually shrinking national population. How to promote procreation? Cut costs of weddings, offered cars and encouraged nights for baby making. Americas population, according to Pew between 2010-2050 will grow by 27% Leadership Lessons: Retired U.S. General Stanley McChrystal teaches us how to lead Speaks with us about his new book, "Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World". Fareed: When you looked at successful examples of leadership? McChrystal: "You win the trust of the people and then you unleash their initiative." These are battlefield lessons for the boardroom. McChrystal offers his checklist for being a good leader. Segment: Fareed interviews Dame Helen Mirren She's played everything from a Queen to a Mossad agent, but never a Bond Girl. Mirren: "I really hope that we're going to see a female president." Mirren: Clinton "is a lioness." Guests and contributors to this episode are Gideon Rose, Meghan O'Sullivan, Elliot Abrams, Peter Beinart, Stanley McChrystal, Helen Mirren via Knit

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Fareed Zakaria is host of GPS, a Washington Post columnist and author of "The Post-American World." He also regularly contributes his analysis of world events to and other programming across CNN Worldwide.

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