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Poppy and Jeffrey begin the journey discussing RBG on the Supreme Court in the Trump era, hearing from her granddaughter Clara Spera on what she learned about her grandmother in law school. They also hear from CNN SCOTUS guru Joan Biskupic on how RBG's 2016 comments about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump have played out today and what to expect from RBG with the shifting makeup of court following Justice Kennedy's retirement. via Knit

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Trailer: RBG: Beyond Notorious

Poppy Harlow


CNN Anchor 9-11amET w/ @johnberman. Mom to 1yr old Sienna & in search of sleep! Proud Minnesotan/Brooklyn transplant

Jeffrey Toobin

Jeffrey Toobin


Staff writer for @NewYorker, Senior Legal Analyst for @CNN, Author of AMERICAN HEIRESS.

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