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After the release of the Mueller report this week, some Congressional Democrats are demanding Trump's impeachment and the House Judiciary Committee is seeking Mueller's full, unredacted report and its underlying documents; Some 2020 Dems have been cautious on Mueller, while others are calling for impeachment. Joe Biden is expected to announce his 2020 campaign next week-is he too late?; Trump lashes out at his own inner circle, many of whom offered damning testimony about his efforts to thwart the Mueller investigation; Bill Weld is running against Trump for the GOP 2020 nomination-could Bill Weld be President Trump's Pat Buchanan? As Easter approaches, what lies ahead for Notre Dame? via Knit

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Job: Host of 'SE Cupp Unfiltered' on HLN. Likes: John. Religion: Jack. Sign: The one no one gets along with. Skills: @jeopardy winner.

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