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Zach Lowe of ESPN and "The Lowe Post" podcast fame joins to talk NBA Finals, and especially how things might look when the Golden State Warriors arrive in Toronto for the first two games of the series on the Raptor's home court. He shares thoughts on the best defensive use of Kawhi Leonard, how Kevin Durant's possible absence will affect the Warriors' game, Steph Curry's offensive power, and how DeMarcus Cousins will factor into the strategy. Zach also weighs in on the "Toronto Drakes," ToronTo vs Toronno, Rob Pelinka's Kobe Bryant & Heath Ledger story, the new free agency deadline, and what's sure to be a very challenging off-season for the Milwaukee Bucks! And then there's the whole Giannis MVP debate, and whether Steph Curry deserves to be named Finals MVP should the Warriors win the Championship. via Knit

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Adam Silver on tanking, player rest and the NBA's social consciousness.

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