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Jason Lloyd, the Editor-In-Chief of The Athletic in Cleveland, joins to talk about the disaster that has become LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. How did things break down so quickly, and can anything be done to salvage the season? How much of this rests on the Lakers rookie front office (Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka)? Who can they potentially sign this summer to help LeBron (Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Kris Middleton, Kyrie Irving)? What will happen to the city of Cleveland if Kyrie Irving does in fact move to LA (burn baby, burn)? And will any of this Lakers debacle have an impact on LeBron's legacy at the end of the day? via Knit

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Adam Silver on tanking, player rest and the NBA's social consciousness.

Howard Beck


Senior NBA writer at Bleacher Report || New York Times & LA Daily News alum || I miss R.E.M. || I will not stick to sports || #PressOn

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