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B/R NBA Draft Guru (aka expert), Jonathan Wasserman, returns to talk Duke's Zion Williamson and why he's Jonathan's #1 pick and what that may mean for Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. Jonathan discusses the 2013 Draft comparisons to this year's potential class, where he thinks Ja Morant and RJ Barrett will fall, and why tanking won't help any team land the number one lottery pick this year. Plus, Jonathan analyzes how last year's picks are fairing (Luka Doncic vs Trae Young vs Marvin Bagley), and breaks down the 2017 class including Jayson Tatum, De'Aaron Fox, and Dennis Smith, Jr. via Knit

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Adam Silver on tanking, player rest and the NBA's social consciousness.

Howard Beck


Senior NBA writer at Bleacher Report || New York Times & LA Daily News alum || I miss R.E.M. || I will not stick to sports || #PressOn

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