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Former Atlanta Hawks GM, Wes Wilcox, returns to breakdown the 20-Game marker and why it's so significant for NBA GMs. Wes weighs in on the best teams, the teams that GMs should be concerned about, flatter lottery odds, and why a little drama is actually a good thing for the Golden State Warriors. He also assesses the Jimmy Butler trade, Markelle Fultz, Kyrie Irving's status in Boston, and the Los Angeles Clippers' amazing first-place spot in the West. And he discusses tanking and rebuild strategies, and the plight of Carmelo Anthony. via Knit

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Adam Silver on tanking, player rest and the NBA's social consciousness.

Howard Beck


Senior NBA writer at Bleacher Report || New York Times & LA Daily News alum || I miss R.E.M. || I will not stick to sports || #PressOn

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