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Trump boasts of big turnout at alternate event; WH holds "celebration of America" in lieu of Eagles visit; White House blames Eagles for "political stunt" ; Trump cancels WH visit for Super Bowl champ Eagles ; WH official: fewer than 10 people were to attend Eagles event; WH: "vast majority" of the Eagles "abandoned" fans; Eagles players push back against Trump's false claims; Legal troubles mount for Former Trump Campaign Chairman; Giuliani on shifting Trump Tower story: "it was a mistake"; WH again refuses to comment on previous false statements; Sanders won't explain reversal on Trump Tower meeting; Sources: State Dept. officials believe Bolton made "Libya model" remark to sabotage North Korea-U.S. talks; Bolton sidelined as his feud with Pompeo escalates; 72 dead as volcano swallow's towns in Guatemala via Knit

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