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El Paso's GOP Mayor: Trump "wrong" about city's crime; Trump heading to El Paso to rally for border wall; Trump heading to Texas for rally as bi-partisan negotiations huddle to avoid shutdown; Trump makes false claims about El Paso, Texas crime rate to try and bolster support for his wall; Mulvaney: no guarantee shutdown will be avoided;Trump: Dems don't want to give us space to detain criminals; Impasse over number of beds at detention centers stalls deal; McConnell: bed cap is "absurd last-minute poison pill"; Klobuchar mocks Trump's hair after he taunted her "snow woman" appearance in speech; Trump calls out Warren in derogatory "TRAIL" tweet; Warren: Trump may not even be president in 2020; Booker warned to "stay out" of scandals involving VA Dems; Booker: I'm not trying to match Trump's tactics; Votel: "tens of thousands" of ISIS fighters in Syria, Iraq; Top general: loss of territory doesn't mean the end of ISIS; U.S.-Backed forces fight to free last ISIS stronghold in Syria; U.S.-backed forces say thousands of civilians are trapped in last ISIS stronghold in Syria; Louisiana island vanishing under water, residents in danger via Knit

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