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Trump: "I said bye-bye" to Dem leaders when they refused wall; McCarthy calls Democrats' behavior during talks "embarrassing"; Trump today: "I didn't want this fight"; Trump in December: "I am proud to shut down the government"; Mueller claims Manafort fed information to Russian with Intel ties; Sen. Kamala Harris talks possible 2020 run, crowded Dem field; Sen. Warner: Manafort sharing info with Russian is "closest we've seen" to collusion; GOP Sen: Manafort sharing info with Russia isn't collusion; Top Dem on Senate Intel: Manafort may have handed Russians data to interfere with 2016 election; Sen. Harris: I will make my decision soon on running in 2020; Will the Democrat party move more to the left in 2020?; Presidential hopefuls clamor to respond to Trump's address; Investigation underway after woman in coma has baby; Police: no suspect yet in coma patient's sexual assault via Knit

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