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Trump: Dems playing politics with border, Speaker Pelosi should feel ashamed; Trump to NYT: Rosenstein said I am not a target of Mueller probe; Judge considers gag order in Roger Stone case, warns him not to argue case "on talk show circuit"; NYT: Trump denies talking to Roger Stone about WikiLeaks; Trump says Sen. Harris had best entrance into 2020 so far; Sen. Brown: Dems need a candidate who can win the Midwest; Hogan: I "never say never" to a 2020 presidential run; Could someone beat Trump in Republican primaries?; Sen. Warren apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA test; Sam Adams creates Tom Brady brew for big game; Trump suspends Cold War-era nuclear arms deal with Russia; Colin Power: "terrible mistake" for U.S. to pull out of arms deal with Russia via Knit

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Trump Says Vote Roy Moore!, Campaigning Tonight; RNC Chairwoman: Allegations Disturbing, If Proven True; Rep Franks Resigns After Talking Surrogacy With Staffers; Mueller Investigation Reveals Trove Of Docs; DOW, S&P 500 Close At Record Highs
December 8, 2017