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WH attorney Emmet Flood attends part of DOJ briefings; GOP aide on WH lawyer at meeting: "craziest s**** I ever heard"; Democratic leaders speak after classified briefing; Lawmakers talk about two DOJ briefings on FBI source; WH lawyer attended briefings on FBI source; Warner: "never seen" WH member attend a meeting like this; Trump touts' military might after canceling Kim summit; U.S. official: NK "stood us up" at planned meeting last week; Trump: "I am waiting" if Kim Jong Un wants to talk; Trump cancels North Korea Summit, But says it could still happen; WH: U.S. spoke with S. Korea, Japan after letter made public; S. Korea calls emergency meeting after U.S. cancels summit; CNN reporter reads Trump's letter to "shocked" N. Koreans; CNN's Will Ripley broke the news of Pres. Trump canceling summit to North Korean officials via Knit

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