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GOP Sen. Murkowski: "I'm frustrated" Senators left Washington without negotiating deal to re-open govt.; DC's deadlock hits UT town with 5K furloughed fed. workers; Federal workers turning to loans, food banks, unemployment offices for help during shutdown; Rep. King may face censure after new racist remark; Group that backed Ocasio-Cortez targets TX Dem Rep. Cuellar; U.S. military begins removing military equipment; Missing 13-year-old girl Jayme Closs found alive in Wisconsin; Sheriff: believe Jayme Closs was "only target: in murder, kidnapping ; Jayme Closs escaped, led authorities to her captor; New FL Governor suspends Broward Co. Sheriff Israel in wake of response to Parkland Massacre; "American style" premieres Sunday at 9pm ET via Knit

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