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Trump: I didn't ask Barr to investigate origins of Russia probe; FBI's former top lawyer: no spying occurred on Trump campaign; MT gov. Steve Bullock enters race as Biden fights to keep frontrunner status among 22 candidates; Biden: 1994 crime bill did not lead to mass incarceration; House Intel Committee investigating whether attorneys representing Trump and family separation obstructed investigation; Judge deciding if Pres Trump can block Democratic subpoena demanding his financial records; Putin praises Mueller, says report proves no collusion claim; Putin, Pompeo meet as both countries call to improved ties; NYT: White House reviews plan that would send 120,000 U.S. troops to the Middle East; Sen. Graham: Donald Trump Jr. should ignore subpoena; New book explores how "the old guard" honors fallen heroes; Uber driver denies charges of extra-judicial killings, torture during his time as a colonel in Somalia; Uber driver accused of torturing Somalians in 1980s via Knit

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