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Trump falsely claims citizenship question often included; Source: justice dept to pursue census citizenship question; Sources: Trump frustrated with commerce secretary Ross; Trump: border detention centers are "run beautifully"; Former VP Biden defends his record on busing; VP Biden defends himself: "Look at my record"; Biden on Harris's attack: I didn't want to get into that scrum; Biden: I wasn't prepared for Harris to come at me like that; Joe Biden insists "People know who I am"; Biden: I've never been accused of being unable to spar; Biden: Trump is "The bully that I knew my whole life"; Biden: Trump is dissing allies, embracing thugs; Biden: There will be no NATO if Trump is re-elected; Biden: Trump gave Kim Jong Un legitimacy, got nothing back; Biden: idea that trade war benefits anyone is "ludicrous"; Exclusive: Biden on health care, college costs & debt; Biden: people shouldn't have to give up private health plans; Biden expresses skepticism of Ocasio-Cortez's mass appeal; Biden: I will raise tax rate to 39.5 %; Biden: undocumented immigrants should get access to healthcare; Biden: I don't think crossing border should be decriminalized; Biden: would be great to have female VP or pres if I lose; Biden doesn't commit to picking female vice president; Biden: a president's role is to persuade not just fight; via Knit

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