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Kavanaugh denied being "aggressive" or "sloppy drunk"; Graham in 1999: couldn't send judge back to court after lying; Trump uses Kavanaugh delay as GOP rallying cry; Kavanaugh's fate down to key Senators waiting on FBI report; McConnell: FBI report on Kavanaugh will not be made public; NYT: Trump raked in millions from dad's empire & dodged taxes; NYT: Trump was a millionaire by age 8 due to father's empire; Kerry on Kavanaugh confirmation: "the fix is in"; Kerry under fire from Trump Admin. for talking to Iranian FM; Will democratic party move center or left? via Knit

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WH won't apologize after aide's cruel joke about McCain; Kelly: undocumented immigrants don't have the skills to assimilate; Why are so many Trump admin officials threatening to resign?; White House sends mixed messages on EPA head Pruitt
May 11, 2018