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Pres. Trump: Mueller "essentially" cleared me on obstruction; Blumenthal: Don Jr. should go to jail if he defies subpoena; Pres. Trump: My son is a very good person, did nothing wrong; Republican-led Senate Intel Committee subpoenas Don Jr.; Pres. Trump: I'll defeat Dem Chairmen Nadler & Schiff; Trump: North Korea wants to negotiate, but they're not ready; Trump says he "actually tempers" John Bolton; Kerry spokesman: Trump "simply wrong" that Former Secy of State told Iran not to call WH; Some Red Sox team members skip White House visit; Trump repeats false claim $91B went to Puerto Rico; Hero student killed confronting school shooter; Grieving students protest during vigil, chant "mental health"; Biden, Buttigieg blitz California for high-dollar fundraisers; Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez plan would cap credit card interest rates; Warren on Time Magazine cover after slew of policy proposals; Biden tops new poll in crucial early state of New Hampshire; Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg top latest New Hampshire poll; Pres. Trump to nominate Shanahan as defense secretary; Trump: "not happy" with North Korean missile tests; Trump: North Korea not ready to negotiate; Kim Jong Un test fires short range missiles overnight via Knit

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