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Trump Had WH Lawyer Urge Sessions Not To Recuse Himself; Trump At Camp David With Republican Leaders; Book Author On Reporting: I Have Recordings, Notes; Trump Attacks "Sloppy Steve" Bannon On Twitter; Author: People Around Trump Say "He's Like Child"; Grimm Distances Himself From Bannon As Campaign Continues; Grimm Runs For Old Seat After Serving Prison Times; How Will New York Respond To Grimm's Candidacy?; Tillerson: I Ask Russia Why They Meddle in Elections; Tillerson: "I've Never Questioned " Trump's Mental Fitness ; Tillerson: Me Relationship With Pres Trump Is "Developing"; Author: My Window Into Trump Pretty Significant; Feds Revive Corruption Case Into Clinton Charity; Feds Looking Into Pay-For-Play Allegations; Source: Bannon Knew WH Lawyer Misled Trump About Comey; Smokin' Joe Biden?; Biden: Tell Howard Dean " I Can Take Him"; via Knit

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