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Stunning Moment: The man who led President Trump's campaign, Paul Manafort, facing up to 25-years in prison; Paul Manafort sentencing; Any moment: House votes on anti-hate bill; House voting soon on anti-hate bill after comments by Rep. Omar on Israel spark friction among democrats; Cohen sues Trump organization for unpaid legal fees; Cummings: "I told Cohen I would nail him to the cross" if he lied to congress "and I mean that"; Cohen's pardon claim sparks denials and more investigation; WH pressuring GOP Senators to back national emergency; WH threatens consequences for GOP Sens voting against wall; N Korea border crossing and trade deficits haunt Trump; Not running; NYT: Biden's team says he's 95% committed to 2020 run; Will Biden face backlash for role in 1994 crime bill?; Trouble for Trudeau; Canadian PM denies allegation he pressured AG to cut deal with company accused of bribery via Knit

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