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Source: Military chiefs concerned about politicization of July 4th; WH refuses to say how much July 4th event will cost taxpayers; Wash. Post: Parks dept. to divert $2.5M to help pay for July 4th event; Trump says he's "absolutely moving forward" with census citizenship question contradicting his own officials; 2020 Dems descend on Iowa ahead of July 4th celebrations; Biden campaign raised $21.5 million in second quarter, more than Sanders but less than Buttigieg; Harris: President Trump is a "predator"; 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg on Trump's July 4th plan; Trump: Migrants are living far better now than where they came from, in safer conditions; Buttigieg takes in $24.8M last quarter in fundraising; DHS chief orders investigation into report of "disturbing" social media posts by border agents; Border patrol agent warns of derogatory culture at CBP; DHS watchdog report: A manager described conditions at border facility a "ticking time bomb"; Pediatricians share drawings from migrant children of their time in U.S. custody; Judge rebuked for saying teen accused of rape deserves leniency because he "comes from a good family" via Knit

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