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Key GOP senator: FBI probe of Kavanaugh would clear up questions; Trump, Kavanaugh go on offense ahead of Ford hearing; WH: open to 2nd Kavanaugh accuser Ramirez testifying; Kavanaugh: I've never done anything like this; Senate GOP hires outside counsel to question Ford Thursday; Sources: Rosenstein replacement was discussed; Trump's GOP allies for Rod Rosenstein to testify; GOP Sen. Collins: firing Rosenstein a "red line"; Sanders: Pres. Trump angered by Justice Dept. actions; "We believe survivors!" Protestors chase Cruz from restaurant; How will Kavanaugh impact midterm elections?; Gallup poll: GOP sees highest favorability in seven years; Laughter erupts after Trump brags during U.N. speech; Trump pushes sovereignty in "America first" speech; Trump: Iran's leaders "sow chaos, death and destruction"; Iran Pres. denies Trump's claim that Iran requested meeting; Trump praises Kim Jong Un from same podium where he threatened to destroy N. Korea last year; Source: Trump wants 2nd North Korean summit to happen in U.S.; Bolton to Iran: "hell to pay" if you cross U.S. via Knit

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