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Trump: I said Meghan Markle was nasty about me; Trump says he'd think about a ban on gun silencers; Irish official questions Trump's reason for stopping in Ireland; Trump on climate change: there is a change in weather, it changes both ways; Trump wrongly claims service members can't take any drugs in his reasoning for banning transgender troops in military; Trump repeats tariff threat: "Mexico has to step up"; Pompeo, Pence meet with Mexican officials on tariff threat; Republican Senators warn WH over Trump's Mexico tariffs; GOP Senators want to hear from Trump directly before implementing Mexico tariffs; Sanders: Walmart employees are "outraged by the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality"; 2020 candidates rip Biden on abortion, crime bill; Warren: I will lead the fight to overturn the Hyde Amendment; Biden changes climate plan after accusations of plagiarism; Forecast calls for rain as record floods devastate Midwest via Knit

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