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Trump hosts dinner for Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall; Trump praises PM May: probably a better negotiator than me; Trump meets with Brexit leader Nigel Farage; Trump on London mayor: "not very food, a negative force"; Trump downplays & dismisses protests in London; 2020 Dems battle it out as Trump makes waves on world stage; CNN poll: 44% of Dems say they have already made up their minds; Ex-school resource officer charged in Parkland response; Fierce resistance to Trump's tariffs in meeting with GOP Senators; Trump: Republicans would be "foolish" to fight Mexico tariffs; Biden's climate change plan aims to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, will cost $1.7 trillion; Warren releases plan to implement the Green New Deal; Biden's opponents swipe at him as a candidate stuck in the past; New CNN poll: Biden trails in support from young voters; Ex-school resource officer charged in Parkland response; NY prosecutors want to transfer Paul Manafort to notorious Rikers Island to await to state fraud charges; Paul Manafort could end up back in solitary confinement transferred to Rikers Island; 60+ Midwest rivers swell to major flood levels, swamping towns & ruining crops via Knit

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