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Dow tumbles as markets react to China's retaliating tariffs; Farmers embrace for impact of products slapped with new tariffs; Farmer: Trump is playing footsie with China, American farmers are on the losing end; Sources: Trump Jr. balking at answering more Trump Tower meeting, Moscow project questions; Sen. Graham: Don Jr. should ignore subpoena from GOP led cmte; Trump praises Hungary's PM as "tough" on immigration; Trump welcomes anti-immigrant ally to oval office; Trump says far-right PM of Hungary "highly respected"; Hungarian PM: proud to stand with U.S. against illegal immigration; Biden makes first trip to New Hampshire as 2020 candidate; Sanders to appear with AOC for second time in a week; Saudi Arabia: two oil tankers damaged in "sabotage attack"; Attack on ships comes days after U.S. warned of one coming from Iran or its proxies; U.S. sends military assets, B-52 bombers to Middle East; 4 ships damaged in Middle East port amid increased tensions; President Jimmy Carter breaks hip, now recovering from surgery via Knit

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