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Cuccinelli: New rule doesn't target any specific group; New immigration rule makes legal immigration harder; New rule means green cards, visas could be denied if immigrants have used Medicaid, food stamps; Immigration chief: Immigrants must be able to "stand on their own two feet"; Scaramucci: Every day Trump is getting worse and worse; Trump shares conspiracy theory to 63 million Twitter followers; Federal prosecutors: Dayton shooter's friend bought high-capacity magazine, body armor used in deadly shooting; Democratic candidates focus on gun control; Biden mistakenly says he met with Parkland survivors while he was VP; Biden pens op-ed "banning assault weapons works"; U.S. official: Deadly explosion at Russian military site "likely" caused by new nuclear missile; U.S. official: Russia blast likely caused by "skyfall" missile test; Trump admin. moves to weaken endangered species protections via Knit

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