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Trump slams Schiff as "political hack" trying to build his name; Trump ditches conciliatory tone, digs in on wall & Russia; Trump digs in on wall, Pence says another shutdown possible; House intel chair announces sweeping Trump investigation; Virginia's AG admits he used blackface in college; Woman accusing Virginia's Lt. Governor of sexual assault reveals details of her claim; Christie: Biden is biggest Dem threat to Trump in 2020; Majority of Democrats say Biden should run in 2020; Will Biden's role in 90's crime law hurt 2020 chances?; 9 sitting Senate Dems poised to run for President; Coons: Senate Dems running for WH aren't fighting in caucus; Booker on Dem rivals: there'll be "some sibling rivalry"; Sen. Brown: I like some colleagues running more than others ; Dem Senators remind presidential hopefuls to play nice; Warren apologizes for identifying herself as Native American; WAPO: Warren identified as "American Indian" on form in 1986; Sen. Klobuchar to announce 2020 plans this weekend; Sen. Booker on love life: "I got a boo"; Democrats line up to back fill to create jobs & save planet; Democrats unveil specifics of new green bill within days; 2020 Dems express support for bill with few specifics public via Knit

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