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U.S. seeking extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; Trump today: "I know nothing about WikiLeaks"; Trump 2016: "I love WikiLeaks"; Ecuadorian President: Assange "discourteous and aggressive"; Ecuador FM: Assange blasted speakers at night, insulted embassy staff & had "improper hygiene"; Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder vow to fight extradition to U.S.; Trump cites AG, says campaign was spied on, gives no proof; Democrats slam Barr for "spying" accusation ; Trump: I believe there was "illegal spying" on my campaign; Trump tweets in celebration of incorrect approval rating numbers; Biden, Sanders top new Iowa poll, Buttigieg captures #3; Mayor Pete Buttigieg surges in new early state polls; Warren, Harris ; Warren launches plan to tax big corporations ; Warren echoes Trump in calling out Amazon; CNN exclusively obtains Biden's letters showing he resisted mandated busing to desegregate schools; CDC Dir: decline in U.S. life expectancy is a "wakeup call" via Knit

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